Distribution and Warehousing

The Great River Region is an outstanding fit for distribution and warehousing firms. The region offers economic advantages, an excellent location, infrastructure assets and a well-matched ample workforce, all of which make Southeast Iowa an obvious choice for these industries.

The Great River Region is a very low-cost location to do business. Combined state and local property taxes are very competitive. Corporate income tax rates and combined state and local sales taxes are far less than national averages. Regional labor costs are 25% lower than national averages and 7% below the state of Iowa. Utilities costs are low and ample land is available at competitive prices. Iowa's reputation as a cost-effective place to do business is excellent in all respects.

One of our region's core strengths lies in our central location in the heart of the Midwest. This provides the Great River Region with countless benefits, including access to regional manufacturing operations and large metropolitan areas.

Structurally, the Great River Region is a great fit for warehousing and distribution firms. Intermodal transportation assets include multiple, well-maintained highways, rail systems and port facilities. Utilities services are reliable and affordable.

Southeast Iowa offers the human resource assets that warehousing and distribution industries need to be successful. Our low-cost, readily available workforce will meet immediate staffing needs. Excellent regional workforce development programs can provide supplemental industry-specific training at low cost, as well.

Please contact us for more information about how a Great River Region location can offer the competitive advantage your business is seeking.