Advanced Manufacturing

The Great River Region is an excellent location for manufacturers wishing to compete more competitively in the global marketplace. Our structural assets, available, skilled workforce, low operating costs and easy access to major US markets make doing business here very appealing to 21st century manufacturers.

The Great River Region offers structural assets such as low energy costs, abundant available land, excellent transportation infrastructure, available water and wastewater, major highway access and multiple rail lines.

The labor costs in the Great River Region are 25% lower than the national average. The ready availability of a skilled, trained workforce, and excellent regional workforce development programs, offer the human resource assets that today's manufacturers need to be successful.

In addition to low labor costs, Iowa offers a non-intrusive state government, moderate taxes and a competitive cost structure. Low property taxes and local sales tax rates make the Great River Region a low cost location to grow or expand a manufacturing operation.

One of our region's core strengths lies in our proximity to large metro areas. This provides the Great River Region with countless benefits, including access to markets, research centers, venture capital and a growing, educated workforce.

Please contact us for more information about how a Great River Region location can offer the competitive advantage your business is seeking.